General Rules

1. 4x4 and 2x4 vehicles, motorbikes and bicyclists may use only existing roads as directed by signs. No driving around on farm is allowed unless prior arrangements have been made with the owners.
2. The speed limit is 40km/h on the farm.
3. Do not let the wheels of the vehicle spin as it can cause soil erosion especially on the 4x4 routes.
4. Cutting of trees and gathering of firewood is prohibited. Firewood is for sale.
5. You may not uproot, pick, cut or damage any plant or be in possession of any part of a plant.
6. No fossils, bones, skulls or living animals may be picked up or removed.
7. You may not place any name, letter, figure, symbol, mark or picture on any object, especially not on dry rocks and please do not remove stones.
8. The labourer managers may not be bribed and under no circumstances may alcohol be given to any labourer. Please do not leave any half bottles / glasses / cans of alcohol lying around.
9. Pets allowed within prior arrangement with owners of farm – strict conditions apply – owners own responsibility.
10. Parents, teachers and guardians of all children are responsible to supervise that children do not jump on beds or have pillow fights or damaging any private property.
11. Damage to private property is strictly condemned and prohibited. In case of damage the responsible person will have to cover the costs of the damages.
12. Wildlife may not be disturbed or hunted unless prior arrangements have been made with the owners.
13. Firing of firearms is strictly prohibited unless prior arrangements have been made with the owners.
14. No loud music, rowdiness or any other disturbance allowed in the campsites or in and around any other accommodation facility.
15. Respect the privacy of locals and other participants at all times.
16. No littering allowed. Keep the surrounding facilities clean – use the necessary drums / refuse bags for the disposal of your empty cans, bottles and litter.
17. Please close all gates behind you.
18. Completion of the indemnity form prior to or on arrival essential.

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